The NERVE Center is located at 1001 Pawtucket Boulevard, Lowell, MA 01854

To book a full or half day at the NERVE Center visit UMass Lowell's Core Research Facility website to register as a user and to reserve time.

This is the NERVE Center's front entrance, located around the back of the building, between the loading docks.


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When attending events at the NERVE Center please park in the designated "Day Event Parking" or "Night Event Parking," before or after 5:00pm, respectively. After parking walk around the back of the building to the entrance. If you have scheduled time to use the NERVE Center, or have a private tour/meeting scheduled, you can park in the "Robot Testing Parking" area. There are at least two designated parking spaces for you and your team in this area.

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UMass Lowell NERVE Center, 1001 Pawtucket Boulevard, Lowell, MA 01854
For more information, please contact NERVE@cs.uml.edu or call 978-934-6600